Aeroplan 2023 FAQ

  • Updated

Q: Why didn't I receive a tax receipt for this donation?

A: Due to CRA regulations, a donor may receive either a tax receipt OR Aeroplan points, but not both. Aeroplan points are considered a benefit, so donations receiving Aeroplan points in return are ineligible for a tax receipt.

Q: Can you refund this donation, or adjust it so that I can receive a receipt? 

A: If prior to Dec 31st 2023 we will do our best to accommodate your request. Due to the agreement we have with Aeroplan, we will be unable to accommodate any requests for refunds/adjustments/number changes 90 days after the campaign ends (Dec 31st 2023). Please contact for assistance.

Q: How many Aeroplan points will I receive if I donate? 

A: 100 points per $5. To calculate, divide the donation amount by 5, then multiply by 100. During the last four days of the campaign there is an opportunity to receive 750 bonus points for donations over $100.

Q: Why was the donation matched while I also received points, and where is my receipt for that? 

A: If a donor chooses to donate through Aeroplan’s donation page directly, they will receive points AND the donation will be matched, but no receipt will be provided. Please contact Aeroplan directly for further questions about their donation form. 

Q: Can I take advantage of this offer by donating over the phone? 

A: The only way to take advantage of this offer is by donating online on the Canadian Red Cross website or the Aeroplan website.         


Q: Can I collect Aeroplan points on this donation even if I don't have a Canadian residential address?

A: Yes - you can collect Aeroplan points no matter where you live. However, only donors with a valid Canadian mailing address are eligible to receipt a charitable tax receipt.