How do I complete my online portion or in-class course?

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In-Class or Blended course

  • Note: If you are taking a blended (online and in-class) course, the online portion must be completed before you can attend the in-class portion. Ensure you plan your time accordingly, as in some courses the online portion may take up to eight hours to complete.
  • To complete an in-class course, you must successfully demonstrate the skills and critical steps which have been instructed. For example, how to administer CPR.
  • At the end of the class, there is a written knowledge evaluation test consisting of multiple-choice questions. The passing mark is 75%. 
  • To complete the class, you must attend and participate in 100% of the course.

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 Go to Find-a-Course for more information on how to register.


Online Course

Our courses are modular. Each module or section has activities that allow you to check your understanding of the concepts you’re learning. At the end of each module there is a short knowledge evaluation in the form of multiple-choice questions. You are required to pass the current module evaluation before advancing to the subsequent module.

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The navigation sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen will show you the module and page you are currently on. Use the sidebar to review individual pages at any time. Click “Next” on the page tracker at the top or bottom of the screen to navigate to various modules. Course progress is automatically saved so that if you navigate away from the course, you can return where you left off.