How do I login as a new Training Partner?

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This procedure will show you how to sign in to your My Red Cross (MyRC) account and access your profile as a Canadian Red Cross (CRC) partner for the first time.  


  • You have submitted and paid for your Training Partner Application with the CRC.
  • The CRC team has reviewed and approved your application. The Agreements Team has set up your account.
  • You have received an email with instructions to log in as an administrator to your MyRC online account. 


1.  On the Red Cross Training site, select SIGN IN from the upper right of the page.

2.  You will be directed to the CRC Sign-in/Registration page. Enter your Email Address and Password, then click on the blue SIGN IN button.   

A screenshot of a login screen

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Once the account is set-up, a new Training Partner will receive a welcome email from the Agreements Team letting them know the account set-up is complete. The email includes CRC Shop information and details for MyRC.

New Training Partners also receive onboarding from an Account Manager on how to use MyRC.