How do I print certificates for my course attendees? 

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This procedure will guide you, the Training Partner (TP) or TP administrative staff, through the steps to download certificates for your participants or course attendees Once downloaded, you can email them to a participant who can't find their original certification email, or you can print them and mail hard copies if you wish to provide this service. 



•  You have an existing My Red Cross (MyRC) online account as a Training Partner. 



1. Go to Red Cross Training and Sign In with your valid credentials.  


2. Navigate to MY ACCOUNT on the top menu, then select Certification Search. 


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The page will render a list of your participants and their certifications issued in the last 30 days.


3. Expand your search using the drop-down menu in the Search By field. The options are Contact, Course Number, or Date. These are required fields.  


4. Depending on your selection in the previous step, complete the search by using the second field and enter either the First & Last Name, the Course Number, or the Date Issued (beginning and ending date in a range).  


5. In the search results table, select the desired participant(s) by clicking on the check box in the leftmost Select column 


6. At the bottom of the page, select the button EMAIL CERTIFICATION for the system to email the participant(s) directly. 

Select DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATES to download to your computer’s downloads folder.

Note: certificates can be downloaded up to twenty at a time, which is the total number that appear on a single page.

Select EXPORT LIST to export them to your local drive in Excel format. 


If you encounter any difficulties with these steps, please submit an issue.