How do I find and select a course?

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We offer a search engine to help you find courses in several categories, within certain date ranges and geographical areas, and in different delivery methods as well as in Canada’s two official languages. This Find-a-Course search function is designed to help meet your specific needs. 



Go to our Find a Course site and follow these steps: 


  1. 1. In the Select a Program section on the left side of the page, select a Course Category from the first drop-down menu, then select a Course Type from the second drop-down menu based on your certification needs. To limit the search results, select your preferred language in the third drop-down menu.  



  1. 2. Click on the calendar icon in the first date field which will be your “From” date. Click the calendar icon in the second date field which will be your “To” Date. This will search for results in a specific time frame. Alternatively, you can manually type your desired dates into each field, ensuring they match the required date format (MM/DD/YYYY).  


If you know the desired delivery method you are searching for, you can narrow results by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Otherwise leave as All Delivery Methods.                 

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  1. 3. Enter your postal code, address, or city. We recommend using your postal code for the best results. A list of options will appear in the drop-down list. Select the auto-complete option which best corresponds to your desired location.  


The next drop-down list allows you to reduce or expand the search range from 5km – 250km or All Canada. Hint: if looking for a Virtual-Instructor Led course, select “All Canada. 


Once you have entered all required information, the Search button will become active. Click the Search button to view results. 


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  1. 4. Results will default to being sorted by earliest date and then by Course Name. You can change this to sort by Closest Location by clicking the drop-down menu near the top of the results: 


Note: Course Names containing “(Recert) at the end are considered “Recertifications”.  

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  • Additionally, you can filter your results further by clicking the arrows beside a column name in the top row: Course Name, Provided By, Language, Format, Virtual, or Price. Click the arrows again in each column to sort the data alphabetically from A-Z or Z-A, or by ascending/descending numerical order.  


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  • Selecting a course under Course Name will direct you to the course description. 


  • Selecting Take This Course in the last column of the row will launch a separate browser tab to the Training Partner site providing the Red Cross training. Depending on the Training Partner, you may be linked directly to the registration form, or you will need to find it within their catalog. 


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What if no courses come up via the search? 


  • Try entering a different or wider date range under Step 2, or a different city or broader geographic range under Step 3. 


  • Note: The course results listed by the Find-a-Course feature are based on information provided to the Canadian Red Cross by our Training Partners. If your search provides no results, the Training Partners may not have posted their course dates yet. Please contact the Training Partner directly to see if they have any upcoming group or private courses 


What if I cannot click on the search button? 


  • Please confirm you have filled out all mandatory fields. If data is missing, the search button does not activate and will remain grey in colour 
  • You can also refresh your page to restart with new search parameters.