How to update my own Instructor certifications?

  • Updated

This procedure shows how to verify your existing certifications including the issue and expiry dates, and then how to identify a recertification course if needed.


  • You have an existing My Red Cross (MyRC) online account.


1.  Sign in to the Red Cross Training site.  

2.  Navigate to MY PROFILE and select My Certifications from the drop-down menu.  A page will display with a table listing your certifications.  Verify that they are Valid according to the Status column on the far right.

3. If a certificate is Expired, then you will need to recertify to teach the applicable course. To do so, search our Course Catalog for courses available in your region that include (Recert) in the Course Name, which designates a recertification course. 

4.  To be eligible to recertify, a certain amount of teaching hours is required. One of our Instructor Development Centres (IDCs) will evaluate your teaching records based on your online submission. Sign in to your MyRC online account, select MY PROFILE, then My Teaching Records from the drop-down menu. Complete the fields Select a Province and Select IDC, then click the red button SEND TO IDC.