How Does My Donation Help?

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How Does My Donation Help?

Your gift helps to ensure that the Canadian Red Cross can continue it's response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ramping up support domestically and internationally where assistance is needed most. Additionally your gift enables the Canadian Red Cross to plan for and respond to disasters, emergencies and humanitarian crises around the world.


The generosity of our supporters and donors enables the Canadian Red Cross to carry out development programs such as the establishment of primary healthy care programs, water and sanitation projects, while  increasing the resiliency of families and communities against future disaster or conflict situations.


With more than a century of disaster management, and conflict response experience around the world paired with a global network of staff and volunteers and a local presence in over 185 countries, your donation helps to ensure that the Red Cross has personnel who know local areas, languages, cultures, and challenges who can be deployed on-scene quickly. 


The Red Cross is particularly effective because of its global network of volunteers, all united by seven fundamental principles including neutrality, which offers access to areas where other organizations may be denied. All Red Cross personnel are motivated by a single purpose: to help those who need it most, regardless of location, race, political beliefs, religion, social status or culture.