How do I sign in as a new user and create My Red Cross account?

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This procedure will show you how to sign in for the first time and to register your new My Red Cross (MyRC) account.



•  You have received an invitation email from the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) with a link to create your MyRC online account.  The email will contain the following subject line:

Action Required: Register for your new Red Cross account’



1.  Select the link in the email, “Please click here to create a new My Red Cross account

2.  You will be directed to the Welcome to MyRC page to sign in for the first time. Enter the same Email Address from which the invitation was received, then click the blue VERIFY EMAIL button.

3.  You will be directed to MyRC Create an account page (Sign-up).  Enter the required fields: Email Address (may be pre-populated), New Password, Confirm New Password, Given Name, and Surname.  Then select the blue Create button.

NoteInstructions will appear for your password to contain between 8-16 characters, including 3 of 4 required elements.

4.  You will be directed to the CRC Training site page entitled My Profile.  Complete the required and optional fields (some of the required fields may be pre-populated with your information) and click Submit.

5.  Refresh your page, and you will now have access to your profile to take your registered course.